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Bakeless Healthy Dessert Recipes

There are multiple reasons why a chef might want to go the no bake dessert route, summer heat being just one of them. Luckily there are plenty of delicious and healthy options. From the fruity to the creamy, there is no shortage of easy dessert options and dessert recipes to be found.

Healthy does not need to mean boring. And even some traditionally decadent desserts can be converted into easy, healthy no bake dessert recipes. Tiramisu is one example. A classic Italian recipe, Tiramisu calls for layers of cookies dipped in espresso and cream. While the original recipe uses mascarpone cheese and egg yolks in the cream, there are multiple low fat versions.

For example a 16 ounce cartoon of low fat cream cheese, a 16 ounce container of low fat Greek yogurt or sour cream and about a quarter cup of low fat milk can substitute the mascarpone and egg. Sugar is still added but even with 3/4 cup sugar the final dessert contains much fewer calories than the original. A spoonful of vanilla extract adds additional flavor.

Once the cream is ready all that's left is to lightly dip ladyfinger cookies into espresso and layer the damp cookies with the reduced calorie cream. The top layer of Tiramisu should be cream and for a decorative touch chocolate powder or shaved chocolate flakes can be added to adorn it. Then all that's left is to let the Tiramisu chill for a couple hours before serving. This easy dessert is a crowd pleaser and those enjoying it need not ever know that any calories have been cut.

Sundaes are another easy dessert option that can easily be transformed. To cut calories on this dessert, use low fat frozen yogurt or low fat ice cream. Then comes the toppings, which is where a cook cook can sneak in healthy ingredients. Fruit such as berries, bananas, and raisins are both tasty and full of vitamins. Nuts are another valuable and popular guaranty free ingredient. Rather than using conventional chocolate syrup, pureed fruit is a sweet substitute. The finished dessert is full of antioxidants and vitamins, and yet is as delicious as the traditional version.

While those are just a couple dessert recipe suggestions, there are plenty more no bake dessert recipes to be found. And most no bake desserts can be customized to be healthier, no matter how indulgent the original recipes are.

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