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Common tips for laboratory equipment maintenance

With the consistent use, laboratory equipment wears out and thus they need proper maintenance. Otherwise, the quality of work gets degraded and sometimes even safety concerns arise. In reputed institutes and organization, a dedicated team for the laboratory equipments maintenance is assigned. It will keep a record of all equipments in context of their calibration time, current working status, any damage or upgrade specification etc. Even if you buy the most advanced laboratory equipment, it would disappoint you if it is not well taken care of over the time. Buy & shop lab equipment online

Therefore, once you buy lab equipments, make a team of responsible people who can deal with their suitable maintenance. Generally, it is the responsibility of lab technician, researcher and lab coordinator to keep a check on the condition of laboratory machines, tools or equipments. In the absence of proper care and maintenance, even new laboratory equipments that you buy online can start showing poor or inaccurate results.

To avoid such unfavourable conditions, following tips can prove fruitful.

  • Old machines and tools are more prone to damage and malfunctioning. Therefore, it is required once you shop for laboratory equipments online, once or twice a year you need to reassemble all their parts and give them oiling inside out. It would help to retain their original speed and accuracy for long.
  • Repairing is not always required. Sometimes the damage is so minor that replacement is not required. Choose a supplier of laboratory equipments in India that offers free repairing in the warranty period. If not, choose a proficient technician to do repairing work, otherwise the current situation of lab equipments you buy might get worse.Laboratory equipments supplier in India
  • There are cases of replacement when the damage in laboratory equipments is critical. In such cases, the purpose to buy laboratory equipments online doesn’t get fulfilled. Here, it becomes essential to find a good and quality replacement from online laboratory equipments supplier.
  • Calibration is another important aspect which must be followed religiously to ensure measurements are precise. It is a good lab practice which is required for following reasons:
  1.  It helps to achieve traceability in your measurement. It regulates the manufacturing of lab equipments that you buy day after day and from one place to another.
  2. The uncertainty of lab equipments that you buy from online suppliers or shop can be checked. It detects accuracy in measurements, for quality performance.
  3. The reliability of lab equipments online in India is also determined by calibration. It helps to decode the proficiency, accuracy and uncertainty all together.
  4. Adjustment in the measuring scale of equipments is often required over the time. Get quality results from online laboratory equipment by adjusting incorrect value obtained after calibration.

Cleaning of laboratory equipments also comes under maintenance. Removing dust, rust, chemicals or any other fluid that can bring poor results should be eliminated completely. Delicate and thorough cleaning can increase the life expectancy of lab equipments you buy at costly prices. 

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