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Diet for Gestational Diabetes – Do's and Don'ts for a healthy diet

Diet for gestational diabetes is much sought after because although a rare condition, gestational diabetes is very worrying for sufferers.  An overall diet plan takes into account all aspects of physical, psychosocial and educational requirements.

  1. If this is the case not only is the mothers health at risk but the development of the foetus may well be adversely affected .  There have been studies which indicate that sufferers of this particular form of the disease may well have a predisposition to it,  although pregnancy may actually cause   it.

It is recommended that all pregnant women are screened to ensure early treatment to help to mitigate pregnancy induced hypertension, premature birth, future childhood obesity and diabetes and other complications.

Very often a pregnant woman has other things on her mind rather than taking care of her diet, this is designed for these women.

Causes of Heart Attacks

Signs of Heart Attacks

What Causes Heart Attacks

  • Start the day with a small breakfast consisting of a protein item like eggs (not fried) , brown bead and peanut butter
  • Follow this with small meals after 3 or 4 hours comprising again a high protein item like skinned fish, lean meat, eggs, nuts, cottage cheese, peanut butter
  • Fruits, green and leafy vegetables
  • Milk should be taken in moderation and should be skimmed

Avoid sugar, sweeteners and sweets, pies, cakes, pastries, cookies, soft and fizzy drinks, marmalade and jams, and cornstarch.  Junk foods are a definite no-no along with packaged meals, frozen foods and canned fish and soups.  Also keep the consumption of butter, cheese, mayonnaise, thick and sour cream and margarine to the minimum.

Avoid using cooking oils, instead steam, bake, grill or boil.

It is important to take plenty of exercise

Its comforting to remember however that this condition is rare, with only about 4% of pregnant women contracting it and it seldom continues after the birth, although there is a likelihood that it might recur later in life with 40% of women developing Type 2 diabetes later, in order to lessen the chances of this its wise to follow a  diet for gestational diabetes

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