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How Albumin Is Essential in Maintaining a Healthy Body

Our busy and hectic lifestyles today can mean that we find ourselves tired, stressed and generally overwhelmed. If we are not careful we can end up ‘burning-out’ and as a result may have to have time off work.

As part of the balance of the right diet and exercise, another essential element can be introduced to help our bodies and enable us to deal with all the life throws at us. Albumin is one of those popular supplements that are taking residency on vitamin shelves across the country.

There are many benefits of Albumin as a supplement including being a great source of energy, daily nutritional support, it has tissue healing properties, and is great for helping to fight off infection.

Albumin as a source of energy

Albumin is a major protein found in the blood. As those on the Atkins or similar low-carb diets will know, protein is actually a very useful source of energy. Many people today eat a very high-carb diet that gives a quick release of energy and then as a result there is a subsequent ‘crash’. Taking albumin with a diet that contains more slow release carbohydrates such as, wholegrain rice, pasta and bread will actually give you more energy throughout the day.

Albumin for daily nutritional support

As mentioned, Albumin can help supplement the correct diet. In addition, testing albumin levels helps assess a person’s nutritional status and risk for malnutrition. So if you are diabetic or suffer from any kidney conditions, keeping an eye on your albumin levels and topping up if they are low can help you with your health overall.

Albumin has tissue healing properties

Protein helps with growth and maintenance of body tissue, prevention of anemia, and prevents loss of muscle mass. Taking Albumin. as a supplement can increase these protein powers and help to heal tissue within the muscles following sporting activities or injuries.

Albumin for fighting off infection

It also plays a big role in fighting off infections, healing of wounds and helps keep a balance among body fluids. When a person does not eat enough calories or protein, the liver does not have enough protein to take new albumin, which causes lower albumin levels in the blood. Research has shown that patients with low albumin levels over time have a higher risk of death.

What happens if you don’t get enough protein in your diet?

If you do not eat the protein the body requires, the body will destroy your muscles to get the protein it needs therefore, making you weak. This happens because when protein intake is low; the body “borrows” protein from the muscles for vital functions. If that “borrowed” protein is not replaced by the diet, muscle tissue is lost and weakness occurs. Getting enough protein and calories by improving your diet will reverse the protein loss. Taking a supplement like Albumin can act as a nutritional addition to the protein your body needs.

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