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How to Get Hemorrhoid Relief — Safely, Quickly and 100% Naturally

Sufferers looking for long-lasting hemorrhoid relief understand the pain and embarrassment this health condition can cause. Many try one topical solution after another to no avail. The problem lies in the fact that topical solutions do nothing more than treat hemorrhoid symptoms. Once the treatment is stopped, the symptoms return. This article will offer information on how to get pain relief from hemorrhoids and stop it from recurring.

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The most effective ways of getting prompt relief from hemorrhoids and with gratifying results, are often the most simplest.

The most recommended is through an ordinary hot-sitz bath or other various hydrotherapy treatments. Perhaps the hot sitz-bath will bring you the most satisfaction helping you reduce pain. You can have a hot-sitz bath several times during the day for instant pain hemorrhoid relief. Make sure your water temperature is around 110 degrees F or 43 degrees C and lower yourself in the bath immersed up to your hips. The main benefit of this treatment lies in the heat of the water.

The heat tends to relax the spastic sphincter muscle and induce a peripheral distribution of the blood volume which relieves pelvic congestion.

The heat tends to dilate the blood vessels, making them bigger, thus allowing the blood to pass out of your swollen piles more quickly. The heat also helps the larger muscles of the body to relax, helping ease the tone of the rectal sphincter (something that can cause hemorrhoids to get worse or become painful), and the soothing nature of a warm bath is something I’m sure we’ve all had experience of –giving  you much needed and prompt hemorrhoid relief.

Cold baths are recommended also acting a little bit like a tonic on the muscles of the rectum.  The cold water will draw heat out of hot, sore piles and at the same time reduce the blood flow into them, so there’s less pressure inside to make them feel inflamed. Some people use alternating hot and cold water (always ending with cold) in their Sitz bath, as you would do in a sauna, sometimes using two separate basins.

The last thing to be careful with water is not have any irritants in it such as scented washing/bubbly baths, vinegar. Although some people may add in some salt – this can be useful – add only enough to make the water slightly salty. Alternatively you can simply use plain water.

Suppositories have also been suggested as a way to get relief from hemorrhoids. There are no medical findings that suppositories ever completely healed even a single case of hemorrhoids. And in fact, they can cause more harm than good and are absolutely futile in curing hemorrhoids. The best way to get fast hemorrhoid relief is to use an antiseptic cream and Venapro is an excellent choice because of its natural healing properties.

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