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How to Lose Your Stomach Fat for Good – 5 Fat Banishing Tips

This is how to lose your stomach fat – improve your daily eating habits and start moving!

Fat loss is not easy, so if you take it step by step to eat more healthy foods, you will lose your stomach fat. Bad food choices over the years have been the major contributor to your weight gain. And eating too much processed foods like donuts, fast foods, and beverages like coke are the major reason.

Below are 5 surefire tips to help lose that stomach fat –

How to Lose Your Stomach Fat

1. Every time you eat you are making choices that will ultimately affect your weight in some way. Poor dietary choices especially over long periods of time, can negatively effect your health and will contribute
to your weight gain – and an increased risk of other health issues. So eat smart and healthy – look to include plenty of ‘fresh foods’ into your meals, and cut out all the junk foods and sugary drinks from your diet.

2. Try to think of foods in terms of those that are ‘better choices’ and ‘poorer choices’, rather than labeling foods as either ‘good’ or ‘bad’. When it comes to food choices – balance and variety is the key. But do
not treat food as the enemy. Eat to live!

3. Give in to temptation – from time to time. You don’t have to be strict and deprive yourself of the treats you enjoy. But this doesn’t mean you have to scoff down the whole thing – otherwise you’ll gain more
weight. If you do have that taste bud drooling over a piece of cake, you deserve one, that’s all. Having a treat once in a while keeps you from losing the motivation.

4. Start a food journal – Keep track of what you eat, so you’re aware of how much you’re putting into your body. Recognize when you’re taking in the majority of your calories. Do you eat when you’re stressed, or do you celebrate with food? And a diary serves a good reminder of how much you’ve changed your eating habits overtime.

5. Find a sport you love – If you find an activity that doesn’t feel like work, exercise comes naturally. And for strength training, look at total body workouts or complex movements to work the body’s core and large muscle groups. Workouts like these will burn more fat and build leaner muscle.

The above tips are just some of the ways on how to lose your stomach fat. What it boils down to is – a combination of proper nutrition and a properly designed high intensity variable workout forms the key foundation to reducing your waistline – which is covered in great simple detail in The Truth About Six Pack Abs by Mike Geary . It combines the most complete ‘total body’ workout and nutrition tips to help you slash the belly fat without embarking on a daily four hour session.

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