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Is Magic Jack MAGICAL?

What if you could eliminate your monthly home phone service and just make calls from a jack out of computer using your internet connection? You would call this MAGIC, right? This is precisely what you do with the Magic Jack. You just plug the jack into your computer’s USB port, and let the phones start ringing.

Connect any phone to the device and start getting free domestic and ultra cheap international calls for a pathetically low yearly rate. You pay $39.95 for your first year of Magic Jack, and then just $19.95 per year. So your monthly rate turns into a YEARLY RATE.

Magic Jack offers free long distance in the US and Canada. For international calls, the calls are as low as you’ll find. If the person you are calling also has a Magic Jack, the calls are free. You can purchase international calling packages for as low as $5. Many places cost only .02 a minute. It’s like having Skype on your home phone. You don’t have to stay at your computer to talk. You can roam around with your cordless as free as a king.

Your Magic Jack phone number is highly mobile. It doesn’t matter where you move to, you can always keep the same number. It is not based locally, only based on your computer.

Magic Jack comes with all the features you like without paying any extra. Voice mail, call waiting, caller ID, and call forwarding are all included for all Magic Jack users. These features cost extra for many home phone companies.

Magic Jack is the only way to go for a home phone these days. People are already paying monthly cell phone bills. Magic Jack is a way to cut down on cell phone use at home without paying big monthly fees. Of course, for those without cell phones this is just a really cheap way to get home phone service. Magic Jack typically offers their phone service on a 30 free trial. The yearly price for Magic Jack’s phone service is too good to pass up.

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