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Key Features of Windows Mobile Dialer

Windows Mobile dialer is making phone communications easy and fun by providing ease of use and a vast array of add-on tools that are available all over the internet. People today are very familiar with mobile devices. If you ask around, most people are aware of the service available for VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) that are used in conjunction with Windows Mobile Dialer software. This new technology will replace the need for digital phone service; similar to the extinction of land-line phones. Today, many people have cell phones and mobile devices – very few people even have home phones anymore! The graphic representation and easy finger dialing are just the basic features of Windows Mobile dialer software. The added functional benefits of Windows Mobile dialer software are many; some of the more common are: • Full screen GUI (Graphical User Interface) buttons • Contact Entry to allow for one button calling to anyone on your contacts list • OS solutions to turn your Windows Mobile device into a Vista platform • Big-button call status and menu options • Touch Screen technology • Fun things like the old fashioned rotary phone interface • Voice dialing • Custom Skins for sharp screen display and phone themes • Easy volume controls • Fast and efficient call blocking, call forwarding, and call conferencing • Private phone connection and IP tunneling • Phone switching • Virtual PBX services The above are just a few of the amazing features of Windows Mobile dialer. People today look for technology that is user-friendly, available to all, and most of all good looking! Microsoft Windows Mobile dialer software allows users to customize their mobile device and turn their phone into a portable PC. Not only is the Windows Mobile dialer useful for business professionals but it is also useful to the personal user who has friends and family they communicate with regularly. These graphical enhancements are just an added benefit to an already amazing system. Windows Mobile dialer software can be used in conjunction with VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services to allow people in other nations to speak clearly and as regularly as they would like – for free! Also, these services and applications offered through Windows Mobile dialer can be uploaded to Apple Iphones and Ipods to make Windows applications and telephony solutions open and accessible to loyal Apple users that need Windows availability. This is a new and easy solution for Apple users. For Mac users, the usability of Windows applications over Mac OS’s for computers is only available with middleware that is costly and difficult to install. Windows mobile dialer and its associated devices make this transition easy, free, and seamless. There are many tools and services for Windows Mobile dialer that are available online for free. Before going out and purchasing a bundle of software for your Windows Mobile dialer phone, search online – there is a wealth of robust applications that are easy and safe to use with your mobile device.

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