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Olives: Hot Or Cold?

In two ways, that is. Temperature, and how do you feel about them?

It seems that people either love olives, or they think they’re awful. I quite a fan of them, so we’ll focus on the positives, OK?

Olives are packed with flavor, come in many different colors and sizes, and are a great way to satisfy a salt craving. There are many great ways to serve olives. The only way that isn’t ideal is straight out of the refrigerator (or a can, for that matter…). Let them warm to room temperature before enjoying. When they are really cold the texture is off, and the oils don’t have a smooth feeling in your mouth.

Did you know that olives can be heated in the oven prior to eating? This is a really interesting and exceptionally flavorful way to enjoy olives. Set your oven to about 250-275 degrees Fahrenheit. Put the olives in a heavy bowl, and drizzle some e.v.o.o. on top. Leave them in the oven for 15-30 minutes. They will be warmed through, a little softer, oilier, and very yummy. It’s nice to feel the warm pit in the middle, too, when you’re eating. I guarantee you everyone will be intrigued. Even better, put some roasted garlic in the bowl too. You can buy roasted garlic in a jar in the olive/canned tomato aisle, or make your own.

My favorite olives are called “Cerignola”. They are either black or green. Did you know that green olives are the same as black olives, just less ripe? Green olives are more bitter, have less oil, and have a firmer texture. Black Cerignola olives are a great start if you are an olive novice. They taste fairly similar to generic canned black olives, but they are very meaty and delicious. They also make an awesome tapenade.

I was in Wegmans today. They have a great olive bar…check it out!

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