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Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass – Best Supplement to gain weight

Do you have a hard time gaining muscles no matter how well you eat? Gaining muscle mass is not an easy job, it requires true dedication and hard work. To make your effort yield fruitful results, supplements need to be taken along with muscle-building workouts. There are various weight gain supplements in the market, but always make sure to choose the supplement which has a good reputation in the market. It is always good to purchase the product which has good reputation in the market. Do a reasearch online or check with your gym mate about the supplement/brand you are going to purchase .The low quality supplements containing harmful ingredients will have adverse side effects which can hinder the performance and destroy your dream of building a good physique.



The article gathers information about weight gainer supplements and what they contribute in the whole journey of body building.


Weight gainer is a supplement designed to deliver high level of proteins and carbohydrates, so the user can get the required calories to help them put on weight. The supplement helps user to rebuild the torn muscle tissue during high intensity workouts.



Optimum Nutrition is a famous name fitness supplement industry; they have been providing fitness supplements since long time. Just like their other successful health supplements, Serious mass has also been a big hit in the market. Serious Mass is an ultimate weight gainer supplement for aspiring body builders and weaker appetites; the supplement gives huge 1,250 calories per serving of protein, 50 grams of protein, 250 plus grams of carbs, 25 vitamins, and minerals; supplement’s other ingredients include whey isolates, casein protein, egg protein, creatine, and glutamine.ENTRATE

The supplement is an ideal supplement to gain muscle mass without gaining fat. The supplement can be used as pre or post workout supplement. However, it is recommended to have the supplement early in the morning, or after the workout.






  • Faster lean muscle gain

  • Mixes well

  • 1,250 quality protein per shake

  • 25 vital vitamins and minerals

  • Improved energy, focus and strength

  • Great taste


Optimum nutrition Serious mass is of great help for users to overcome strength and body weight plateaus. It helps you to break the plateau and increase the weight.

As a last note, if your goal is to get a ripped body with in a short duration, optimum nutrition serious mass could be the best weight gainer supplements. Serious mass is available at so hurry up!! and order your pack now.

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