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Panasonic Phone Systems

There are many companies that produce top quality phone systems. You should be careful when making your choice. It would be advisable to completely research the market and compare and weigh all your options and only then decide. Also, another aspect is the requirement of your business. If you are a large company, you will need a very detailed and complex set up that can take care of all your business communication needs.

As said above, there are many companies that offer you quality phone systems. Let’s discuss the Panasonic range in detail.

About Panasonic

Panasonic is one the leading electronics goods manufacturers in the world. They produce Plasma TVs, home theatre systems, music systems, players, etc. Panasonic also has a comprehensive range of phone systems and instruments. Let’s look at some of the products available from the electronics giant.

Panasonic Pure IP-PBX (Internet Protocol) Phone Systems

This is a great option for medium to large businesses. Some features:

• The new NT-300 series has the handsets with Bluetooth Capacity,

• Enhances your business productivity and efficiency,

• SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Technology with enhanced IP Networking,

• DECT and Mobile Integration,

• Application and Desktop Integration with Phone Assist.

Panasonic Hybrid IP-PBX Phone System

For medium to large businesses. Some features:

• Cost reduction performance,

• Extremely top quality call handling,

• Complete integration with computer,

• DECT mobility.

Panasonic Hybrid IP-PBX Phone System

For small businesses. Some features:

• DECT Compatible,

• Has 36 ports,

• Has an IP Gateway.

Panasonic DECT Wireless Handsets

This handset meets with the IP54 standards and is dust and water resistant. This can be combined with many other Business Telephony features.

• Has Headset Support,

• Has Vibration Alert,

• The screen is large with black and blue display,

• Has 12 programmable keys,

• IP54 Compliant.

Panasonic IP Soft Phone

Some features:

• VoIP, that is Voice over Internet Protocol,

• It has 24 programmable CO keys,

• Also featuring a One Touch Record Button,

• Six line, 24 character Display,

• It also has Ping Level Display.

Panasonic Executive Display Phone

This phone comes with various options, like three or six lines and some also have 24 CO keys. Some even come with Digital Display monitors to check caller ID and also to aid in storing numbers. Some features:

• They have either a three line or a six line Backlit Display,

• 24 Programmable keys,

• Full or Digital Duplex Speaker Phones,

• Some even have two Ethernet Ports,

• They have optional Bluetooth Modules,

• Some also have an IP Telephone.

Panasonic Conference Recording Phone System

This helps in recording the on goings of a conference. Some features:

• Has High Precision Digital Echo Cancellers,

• Two-way noise reduction,

• Very highly sensitive microphones. They are usually eight in number,

• It has an efficient digital amplifier,

• It can also conduct long digital recording time of up to 120 mins.

These are just a few of the extensive range of Panasonic Phone Systems available on the market. If you are interested in getting some for your use, you should consider ordering them from Constant Contact. For more information, please click here:

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