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Resellers and Reseller Control Panels: Growing in Importance

The tremendous potential of voice over IP is waiting to be realised. The benefits of this facilitating technology are more than obvious, even as of now. With a switch to voice over IP, the corporate entities and organisations can reduce their costs of communications quite significantly, without adversely affecting their infrastructural setup. This technology can be seamlessly integrated within existing systems and the companies do not have to go the extra mile in making the all important switch.

Consequently, the fact that the business opportunities in this sector are more than one should come as no surprise. From Tier 1 carriers to providers and resellers, quite a few roles are waiting to be played out by organisations having a vision. Reselling of VoIP minutes, for one, has become a lucrative business proposition.

The VoIP resellers are acquiring the necessary equipment and infrastructural support from the Tier 1 carriers and offering them to the end users in different geographical locales. The minutes are being bought to be passed over further down the value chain to cater to the evolving needs of users – both institutional as well as otherwise. The resellers are doing all that it takes to cater to the growing needs of end users. The importance of a VoIP reseller control panel can be understood in this context.

Special control panels are being designed for the providers of hosted services. Quite a few among these are server software. With one such panel in place, the implementation of VoIP reseller services becomes hassle free and quite easy– especially for institutional users.

Ease of use is one defining characteristic of a reseller control panel of VoIP. In addition, the software can be operated at different levels by providers, resellers as well as the end users.

The VoIP reseller control panels are different from the IP PBX systems on several counts. First and foremost, the IP PBX systems are based on hardware; on the other hand, the control panel is designed around high-end software. Consequently, these can be used as platforms to facilitate the different business processes. Secondly, unlike their predecessors, these platforms are easy to integrate into the existing infrastructure of organizations going in for the change. In addition, the providers can also add special features to these panels to tune them to the evolving needs of the customers and end users

And the resellers are doing all these and more. They are providing their clients with these very sophisticated panels that in turn are facilitating the business processes for the different organisations. More and more business users from diverse sectors are showing their interest in implementing one such reselling platform to make their activities more logical, cost effective, and balanced and profit oriented.

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