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Sea Salt and Its Many Uses in Attracting Wealth

Hello there once again! I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s article that mentioned a few ideas to help bring in prosperity and more love into your life. I actually went out yesterday and purchased sea salt to help clean my crystals and add good luck to my home. I will share more about the ideas of sea salt and its purifying abilities among with sharing even more ideas in bringing wealth into your life.

So what’s the big deal about sea salt, and won’t any kind of salt help? Nope. Sorry to inform you, but it has to be sea salt. It has to do with the negative ions from the moving sea that will help stimulate negative (Qi) chi to move on and help attract the good kind of chi these exercises are determined to offer you. Table salt simply does not have these purifying properties. Haven’t you noticed how the Japanese revel in their bathing rituals? There really is something about the negative ions from moving water removing bad chi from one’s life and sense of well being.

So where do we start today? Let’s first start with getting you some sea salt, I have located a few places to get sea salt at rock bottom prices online – see link below, but allow me tell you that Sea salt is an all important tool in applying Feng Shui exercises and tasks to your rituals in help healing and clearing while cleaning chi around you and your home. You can also find sea salt at your local grocery store, and do yourself a favor, do not try and get around by using table salt or even kosher salt, both of which I love using in my cooking — but this is for Feng Shui use. Of course, by all means, if you are buying the sea salt, use it freely in your cooking. I prefer to use the course sea salt as with all the types of salts I may use.

So you have now got your Sea Salt, what next? Here are a few tips on how Feng Shui practitioners recommend their clients to use in helping bring their clients luck and wealth.

  1. Place a teaspoon of sea salt and wrap it in plastic and place in your wallet in a secret compartment. Replace every ten days to ensure its potency. This is said to bring the owner of the wallet wealth…
  2. Place sea salt on the center and back side of your entrance door, this is said to also bring luck and wealth to all those who enter – and yes the changing it every ten days rule also applies here as well in ensuring its potency of bringing wealth luck and good chi.
  3. Also if you really are in a jam, placing sea salt in all the corners of your house – simply use little plastic containers – say the ones you may get when you ask for salad dressing on the side at a restaurant. Place the sea salt in them, cover them if you can, then place them in every corner wherever two walls meet. You may need an extra box of sea salt for this – but since sea salt is relatively inexpensive and you are in need of attracting wealth, this really helps absorb any negative energy you house may be harboring. Again, change every ten days.

The best time to do any or all of these tasks is on the start of the new moon. Since energy grows as the new moons grows into a full moon, where as energy dies down after the full moon.

There are many other uses for sea salt besides making your dishes taste great while helping bring wealth luck to you and into your home. Remember that yesterday I discussed the importance of cleaning up and removing any and all clutter from your home just prior to the Chinese New Year. This is also the best time to take any crystals, quartz and stones you may use to bring good energy into your home. If you are interested in reading my other articles on Feng Shui, feel free to stop by Divaliscious Feng Shui Tips to learn more.

Wash crystals with soap, then, place in a bowl of salted water made from sea salt. If you can, even better is to let them soak overnight under the light of the full moon. The next day, you should also allow at least four hours in the sun to finish the cleansing process. This is said to remove last year’s energies and replenish to good chi in your crystals and stones you have placed in your home.

The use of sun catchers also work great as do crystals that reflect all the colors of the rainbow. By hanging these in your windows where the sun shines in, the multi-faceted colors help keep and bring good chi into your home. This is especially important in your home office and bedroom along with your kitchen areas of your home.

As of this month’s new moon, I did several of the rituals I have already mentioned here. I placed a dark blue mug and filled it to the brim with sea salt and placed it in my kitchen in a dry area which is said to bring happiness to couples. I also grabbed a little sea salt and placed it in plastic and placed it in my wallet. I also marked on my calendar when the ten days will be up so that I can recall to change the sea salt. I also did a few other rituals which I have been doing for months and that is going around on Fridays with burning incense to each of the rooms in my place and blessing each room and all who enters with health, happiness and harmony along with prosperity.

Any effect so far? Well, yes! I am pleased I was finally able to purchase today some very needed domain names prior to them being picked up by others. Some of these will be very important to me in the coming months as I have several projects I am now organizing and the need for these domain names in setting up these works online is extremely important. My outlook is very good and confidence high. I also noticed that my fellow and love of my life was suggesting new and interesting dinner ideas to help spruce up our dinners at home last night. Our relationship is smoother than ever and I am more confident with every day passing that I am in a “right and good” relationship that is healthy and harmonious. And hey, who doesn’t want that in their life?

So try some of these fun wealth attracting tips today and see their positive effects in the coming weeks. Mind you, these have been used for years both in China and Japan and by serious Feng Shui Practitioners and followers.

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