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Soul Food Recipes – How to Make Your Soul Food Safer

Soul food recipes have a reputation as unhealthy, especially in the light of today’s health conscious consumers. More people are watching their diets by choice or are forced to by doctors orders. The high fat, salt and calories contained in traditional soul food is blamed for the high rate of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and other health ailments.

That’s why radical changes continue to take place when it comes to this popular southern cuisine. Those changes have combined healthier ingredients and cooking methods with the robust flavor of southern cooking. The result is a healthier and friendlier version more people are loving. Now you can taste healthier ingredients that make the dishes safer to eat than the past. No more artery clogging fat back, bacon or ham hocks in these dishes. We’re talking leaner, meaner and healthier.

Now you’ll find more natural ingredients, herbs and spices that work with your healthy soul food diet, not against it. But including natural ingredients that harmonize with good health standards is half the battle. The other half concerns the cooking methods and techniques. Because what good is adding healthier ingredients to the dish if you end up cooking valuable vitamins and minerals out in the process? That’s why you’ll find less deep fat frying in today’s cooking and more steaming, roasting, baking, and sautéing, for example.

All these work to add the valuable health element in and eliminate former health concerns of the past. Another culprit is sodium, one of the biggest culprits blamed for the increase in high blood pressure, especially among African Americans. Now more recipes contain sea salt and even kosher salt, which contain much less sodium than table salt. But the movement continues toward no salt recipes by using a combination of spices, citrus juices and herbs instead.

These are quick and simple ways today’s creative cooks are making soul food recipes safer for public consumption. Now you can have your favorite southern dishes without risking your soul.

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