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Tips for a Healthy Pot Roast

Roasts are healthy and nutritious traditional meals, that are perfect for those cold winter nights. These meals are packed with iron and full of flavour. Pot roast recipes come in many flavours and with a variety of ingredients. However, if you need to limit your fat or salt intake, you may want to consider the following tips:

1. Use a lean cut – instead of using a chuck roast, try sirloin or another low fat cut. You can compensate for less flavour due to lowered amount of fat which is a great contributor to the flavour in roasts, by adding spices. Another option is to use pork loin, which also has less fat that the chuck roast. Chuck roast contains over 20% fat, while sirloin less than 10%. This makes for a big difference in your daily intake of fat if you are on a fat-free diet.

2. Add extra vegetables – all pot roast recipes contain vegetables. In our case, the extra vegetables will make your roast extra healthy. Use potatoes, carrots, onions, and garlic to your liking. Garlic not only adds to the great flavor of roasts, but is also good for your immune system and for killing those winter bugs. So don’t be afraid to add more garlic.

3. Use low-salt broth – you can still use beef stock for your roast, but make sure that it’s low in salt. This is especially true if you are on a low-salt diet requirement.

Make sure you use a slow cooker, a Dutch oven, or a pot, to cook your roast, instead of using your oven. This is to ensure that it turns out moist rather than dry, which is how a roast should be. You can find many different pot roast recipes that will teach you how to do a perfect roast every time.

If you are worried about calorie intake, Nutrient Facts provide a whole nutrition fact table for this type of meal: It lists this type of roast as having 280 calories per serving which is very low overall. If you are on a weight loss diet, this confirms that this dish is an excellent choice because not only it provides you with energy and iron, it is also low in calories. This should help you reach your goals quicker, while still feeling great.

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