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Top Ten Fridge Fillers

The best way to maintain a healthy diet is to ensure that you always have good, healthy food options in the house. And when it comes to less beneficial foods – if it’s not there you can’t eat it! We have asked people what the foods are that their fridge cannot be without. Here are our top ten favourites:

1. Filtered water. Water filters provide a great alternative to bottled water and are a far less expensive way to eliminate the toxins that can be found in tap water. Filters are inexpensive and should be changed monthly.

2. Lemons. Nature’s detox, lemon juice in warm water, is a fantastic liver detox and reduces bloating. Drink it approximately 20 minutes before breakfast.

3. Natural bio yoghurt (live). Keeping plain yoghurt in the fridge gives you lots of healthy options. You can add fruit, honey, granola, nuts, seeds or even a dollop of chocolate spread to give it a different twist every day. In return it will provide you with calcium, protein, vitamin D, and of course the live cultures will help keep your digestive system tip-top.

4. Fresh fruit. Fresh fruit is a must for those sweet cravings. We like pineapple and melon best. Pineapple has beneficial enzymes that are great for digestion and inflammation. Melon provides a good source of vitamin C and potassium.

5. Fresh salad and vegetables. Keep stocked up with plenty of fresh veg. The best kinds are those that can be eaten raw, so salad is also perfect to accompany your main meals.

6. Oily fish. Salmon, mackerel, tuna, whitebait; eat these tasty fishes to boost your omega 3 levels. You should always have a portion in the fridge!

7. Lean meat. Turkey is a favourite lean meat; it’s a great source of protein and also contains tryptophan, a biochemical precursor for serotonin – thought to be the body’s natural ‘anti-depressant’.

8. Cranberry juice. Refreshing and loaded with vitamins and potassium, cranberry juice aids kidney function and urinary tract health. Aim for as natural a juice as possible and keep an eye on sugar content as this fruit is very bitter and juices tend to be sweetened.

9. Eggs. Not only are eggs packed with protein, inexpensive and extremely versatile, they also keep for ages!

10. Skim milk. All the benefits of milk without the fat. Skim milk makes the perfect comfort drink at bedtime, just add a little decaffeinated coffee or a teaspoon of honey.

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